There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask “What if I fall?”
“Oh but, What if you learn to fly?”

― Erin Hanson

Therapy Sessions & Pricing

Age Groups

I help Adolescents (14 years plus),
Adults (into retirement),
and Couples


I offer a 90 minute session
(rather than 50 minute sessions offered elsewhere)
charged at £80 per session.
Concessions in specific situations.

Why 90 Minutes?

People have reported this is more beneficial to them, it gives them time to present their issues, more importantly we have time to resolve those issues in the same session.

This is kinder than sending the person out all opened up. It also means the person needs fewer sessions than other models of therapy, which in turn is cost efficient as it reduces the number of sessions needed, the clients time, and on the clients travel expenses.

Therapy Sessions

These are offered on a face to face basis, in a domestic setting which people have said is more relaxing than a clinic.  I have a small, friendly dog, she sits on the windowsill of the therapy room, or, is happy to go in another room if required. 

Zoom or online sessions can be organise. The same charges apply.

A typical session might look something like this:

Together we would look at; the persons current difficulties and plan how these might be resolved, we could also look at building coping strategies, or look at emotional needs and what might be missing in the persons’ life, we would look at personal goals and find the ideal way for the person to achieve those goals; we could then rehearse these goals during guided visualisation which, forms a new neural network in the brain but also re-energises the person both physically and mentally. 

People report they feel better after the very first session.

Beth, a ‘thank you’ just isn’t enough for what you have given me. After all of the traumas’ in my past, and all of the mistakes and bad choices I made after that, I knew I was only ‘getting by’, not really ‘living’ and I thought I would have to live like that for ever. You have given me the tools and the clarity to do what I want to do and be happy and peaceful as well. I can’t think of anything more worthwhile than our sessions together. I finally have control back in my life and I can choose the future I want. Thank you so, so much.


Just needed to tell you

I have finally completed my degree!!!! I got a 1st too!!! Yay!

I just wanted to say; THANK YOU!

You gave me the lift I needed at a time when I couldn’t lift myself.

I’ll always be SO grateful for the time you invested and the energy you gave me.



07840 996 282
Hayswater Circle